‘Astronauts’ under the sea

Astronauts do travel not only in space but under the sea. This was what I discovered in my recent trip to party island in Aklan–Boracay.

It’s my second time to visit this world renowned island. It was January 2009 when we had a sidetrip to the island after our ati-atihan coverage in Kalibo.

Back then, I didn’t enjoy the island much because it was a cloudy and windy January. But this time, yes, it was fun!

choloFrom Shangri-La Boracay in Brgy. Yapak, my family and the rest of the PRU LIFE UK group were ushered to White Blue Diving Service in Station 2. It’s one of the diving Companies which offers Marine Walk/Reef Walking a.k.a. helmet diving.Since we were in a group, the fee is 500 pesos per person. Others offer reef walking for 2,500 per person.

From the shores, we rode a speed boat and was brought to a spot, where the floating platform of White Blue Services was. Only eight people can be accommodated for the thirty-minute marine walk. So we waited until it was our turn to transform into an astronaut. haha.

The lead diver held a briefing first, telling us what to do in case we feel the change of pressure. But what was surprising was when he told us that the helmet that we would be wearing weighs 29 kilograms! But  underwater, it weighs only 1 kg.

Each helmet is connected to an oxgyen tank that allows the person to breathe underwater as if we have gills like the school of fish. Going underwater was made easy by an improvised stairs from the platform. While going down, the diver assisted us in putting the helmet on.

When my feet reached the sea floor and felt the sand, all I can say was wow! Philippines! haha. Another achievement! Twenty-two feet underwater! Thanks to Wish, my Canon D10 to capture the wonders of nature that God made. At first, the diver warned me that my camera might be broken. But I was confident with Canon’s feature that the camera can capture photos up to 33 feet and it’s still under warranty.

Click! Click! Click! Now I know why Disney’s Sebastian loves singing, “Under the sea, under the sea…. Since life is sweet here… We got the beat here naturally.”

There were different species of fish but Nemo was nowhere to be found. I haven’t seen a sea anemone. Good thing, the divers gave us bread and so the school of fish came chasing us. haha. Thirty minutes was not enough for me. I would have wanted to stay longer and shoot more. My canon D10 was really addictive.

If you’ve been longing to dive but you’re not prepared yet for a license, then, helmet diving is for you. You don’t need a license to see and enjoy the treasures down under.

  • amiel

    it’s a different world under the sea. i would love to try that. btw, did you see any aliens?

  • http://cherrey.110mb.com Cherrey

    Is this in Ocean Park?
    We have it here in Cebu, in Mactan but I’m not sure there’ll be a lot of marine life to see as much as this man-made aquarium.

  • http://cherrey.110mb.com Cherrey

    Oh sorry, i just read it. this is in Boracay. lols.

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  • fermel A. San Roque

    Nakaka Amaze!!^_^ talaga ang mga na pupuntahan mo.. at ang mga kuha mong pictures.. na eenganyo ako tuloy pumunta sa mga ibat ibang lugar ng pilipinas..^_^

    • http://twitter.com/IzahMorales Izah Morales

      Natutuwa naman po ako at nakaka-inspire ako. Salamat po.

  • nivek

    nice article! by the way, may contact po kau nung sa marine walk? mura na kasi if P500! hope you could help. thanks!!!

    • http://twitter.com/IzahMorales Izah Morales

      hi nivek!

      the 500-peso rate is a group rate. marami kasi kami. sensya na, i don’t have their contact number kasi iba yung nag-arrange for us.

  • chadney

    hi , your photo’s really amazing!may i know what model of camera are you using specialy ur pixs in coron…