The hunt for ‘pasalubong’ in Naga City

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Don’t forget my pasalubong ha! (Don’t forget my souvenir! <there’s really no exact translation of “pasalubong” in English. Souvenir is the closest possible translation but not in context.)”

Friends, relatives, (ex) officemates would always tell that statement whenever they learn that my itchy feet brought me farther from the usual places that I walk on. But even if they don’t mention it, bringing home something to share to everyone has always been a part of my itinerary. It’s being a Filipino! It’s a culture wherein you share a piece of your travel experience.

Before flying back to Manila, my friends and I hunted for souvenirs in Naga City. Our choices of pasalubong: T-shirts and the famous pili nut.


1. SM Naga City

– We began our hunt here. As SM’s tagline says, “We’ve got it all!” (Okay, enough of the promotion. hehe). At the 2nd floor, we found two stalls selling souvenir shirts: one was in front of Ace Hardware and the other one was near the food court. I didn’t find anything that I like. But the stall in front of Ace Hardware sells cheap shirts (Php 120-150) from almost all destinations in Bicol like Legaspi, Caramoan, CWC, Sorsogon.

2. Kulturang Bikolnon

-This store located at the G/F of the CBD Hotel just across the Naga City Central Bus Terminal sells shirts and other native products.

3. Store beside Kulturang Bikolnon (memory gap. i forgot to take a photo or jot down the name of the store)

-Just a few steps away from Kulturang Bikolnon (please refer to the photo above where the man was standing), we found CWC shirts. So if you enjoyed wakeboarding and forgot to buy yourself a shirt, you can get one here at a cheaper rate.

4. Naga Savers and Fashion Mart

-Naga Savers is located near the Naga City Public Market (New name: Naga City People’s Mall). This was where I found the shirt that I liked. I was originally looking for a Survivor Caramoan shirt but found none. So I just chose a generic Bicol shirt with the sili (chili pepper) on it. It’s hot! A white shirt costs Php 150.



1. Naga City Public Market

Unprocessed Pili Nuts

-If you’re ma-PILI (choosy- just kidding. I mean if you like to buy pili), then go to the market and you’ll find different types of pili nuts from the harvested ones to the caramelized variety.

One of the stores where we bought our pasalubong is the Naga City Candy Center found in the Naga City Public Market. Don’t miss buying the pili tart and pili macaroons.

  • Pili Tarts- Php 50.00
  • Caramelized pili nuts- Php 100.00 (3 containers)
  • Others are priced at Php 35.00-80.00 (depending on sizes)

2. Naga City Central Bus Terminal

-You can also find pili nuts being sold in the terminal. One of them is the FSJ Pasalubong Sentral, which also sells other native products.


Handicraft Section of the Naga City People’s Mall

– It’s actually another part of the market which they call mall. In here, you can find native items like a bag made of abaca fiber.

You can also check out the list from the official Naga City website.

Remember: When you’re buying pasalubong, you’re not only sharing the joy of travel but you’re also helping the local community. So, when you travel, don’t forget my pasalubong ha!



  • Kathleen Rosario

    This is perfect! My sister will be traveling to Naga too. Haha I’d make sure she buys me some pasalubong! 😀

    • Thanks for visiting my site Kathleen! Am glad that my post has been helpful 🙂