Commuting 101: How to get to Guimaras

You’ve heard how sweet their mangoes are and now, you wanted to visit Guimaras, the “island that fits your taste.”

Traveling to Guimaras from Iloilo was the easiest and fastest way that I’ve ever experienced. There are two points of entry to Guimaras. One is through the Buenavista Port via the Parola Wharf in Iloilo while the other is through Jordan Wharf via Ortiz Wharf in Iloilo.

Between the two, Ortiz Wharf is nearer. From Ortiz, one can see how close Guimaras is. The Ave Maria Shrine with the Cross can be seen from this point.

First, you should decide whether you’ll take the Buenavista point of entry or the Jordan point of entry. If you’re going to the Navalas Church, then get to Buenavista and hire a vehicle from there to get you to your destinations. But if you prioritize island hopping, then your entry point should be Jordan Wharf.

Here’s my actual itinerary from Iloilo International Airport all the way to Guisi Beach in Brgy. Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.

How to get there (in details):

1. As soon as you exit the arrival area of ILO airport, personnel in uniforms would approach you and offer van or metered taxi rides. Choose the van for cheaper option. Fare is Php 50.00. However, you have to wait for other passengers. I’ve waited for around 35 minutes. If you have limited time, then choose the metered taxi instead. Flag down rate is similar to Manila rate (Php 40.00).

2. The driver would ask you where you want to be dropped. If you’re going to La Paz Public Market just like what I did, then choose Jaro as your drop-off point.  The driver would stop the van at SM Jaro.

3. From SM Jaro, you would pass by Jollibee. Cross the street. Don’t hesitate to ask the traffic enforcers in blue. They’re very helpful and approachable. They told me to ride a multicab with the CPU signage in front. Fare is Php 7.00 from Jaro to La Paz. Travel time: 10 minutes.

4. Tell the driver that you’re going to the La Paz Public Market. He would then tell you when to alight the multicab. You know it’s time to bid him goodbye when you see the intersection. Cross the streets and walk along the market. There are numerous eateries offering La Paz Batchoy. If you want to be adventurous, then go for the not-so-well-known eateries. But as for me, I wanted to be sure as so as not to spoil my trip. One of the locals, who heard me asking for La Paz Batchoy eateries, pointed me to Ted’s Old Timer Batchoy.

5. After having a hearty breakfast, cross the street and ride a multicab with a La Paz signage. This would pass by Ortiz Street. Alight at that street where the Eagle’s Mansion or Celso Ledesma Mansion is. It’s one of the many grandeur ancestral homes in Iloilo.

6. From that point, walk for five minutes to the Wharf. You would see a ticket booth that looked like a Lotto outlet.

The FARE & Schedule Notice

7. Pay Php 14.00 then register your name and age. You would be given a card bearing the name of the boat that you’d be boarding. I got Pamela Faith.

8. Pamela Faith has a capacity of 48 pax. Even motorcycles ride the boat as well. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic ride for about 15 minutes.

9. As soon as the boat docks, leave the boat and you’re now ready for your adventure in Guimaras.

10. If you don’t have a plan on where to go and what to do, then approach the Tourism Desk. You would also be asked to log in your name. They would gladly assist you and give you options of transportation. BUT word of caution, HIRING a tricycle or a multicab is so EXPENSIVE. This is not advisable especially when you’re alone. Do it only if you’re traveling with two or three companions or more. Hiring a trike for a day would cost you around Php 900-1,200. Multicabs for hire also cost Php 1,200 per day.

If you’re traveling soloflight like me, I rode a jeepney to Nueva Valencia. It’s just Php 45.00. Travel time from Jordan to Nueva Valencia is around an hour and a half.

Enjoy Guimaras! 

Travel Notes:

  • Guimaras Tourism- (033) 237-1134
  • Motorcycle driver (Singol/ Single Motorcycle to Guisi)- Minfredo Deza- 0947 294 0992
  • Tricycle Driver- Gil Gabasa- 0921 236 5281
  • Glady

    Hehehe…natawa ako dun sa Singol mo. It’s actually single for a motorcycle without a sidecar. It’s in the way we Ilonggos pronounce it, Singol, Motorcycol, etc. :D

    • Trip@dora

      hehe. nakakatuwa at nag-enjoy naman talaga ako Glady. Mababait ang mga Ilonggos.

  • mervz |

    great guide in getting to Guimaras! :)

    ang mahal na pala ng mga tricycle? when we were there last 2010, the driver only asked 300 for a ride from Jordan to Nueva Valencia, then when we asked him to bring us to Guisi lighthouse then back to raymen resort (including the waiting time) he only asked for additional 200 pesos… :)

    • Trip@dora

      Thanks Mervz!

      Yung rate na hinihingi nung trike ay whole day trip from Buenavista to Guisi. Since it was so expensive, I just took the jeepney then the “Singol”. hehe

  • gracey

    ang galeng.. very detailed. magagamet ko to pag punta ko ng guimaras. thanks to this post.

    • Trip@dora

      Salamat Gracey. Kapag kasi nagreresearch din ako sa mga blogs, ganitong content yung hinahanap ko. So as much as possible when I write, I try to put myself on the shoes of people who search for information. hehe.

  • Andrea

    sorry pero confused ako … ano na gagawin ko sa Nueva Valencia? beach na ba yun? im plannin to go there this January 2012

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