Trip@dora Review: The 500-peso beachfront accommodation in Boracay

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500 pesos for a beach front in a summer season? Yes, you read it right. A beach front accommodation in Boracay would usually cost you thousands (3K-10K) but if you hunt like a fox, then you would find your prize. This was the cheapest accommodation that I’ve tried in Boracay.

Special thanks to Possibly Pinay’s post, which led me to this 500-pesos beachfront accommodation named White Beach Divers’ Hostel at Station 3. But she calls it Station 3.5 due to its distance. So how did I get to White Beach Divers?

From the jetty port, the trike driver dropped me off near a bakery leading towards an alley. He said that it’s the way to Station 3. It’s my first third time in Boracay and it’s my first time to stay at Station 3. So I’m clueless about it.

I walked past the puddles on the alley and saw an arc saying Station 3. I furthered my wanderings until I reached the shoreline of White Beach. I saw a map of Boracay which would greet you at the end of the alley. I searched for White Beach Divers’ Hostel but the map’s not helpful. The hostel was not listed.

Hence, I walked and searched for it. I passed by Arwana Hotel, Sandals’ Inn, Angol Point, Villa Camila, Blue Mango Inn and then, there it was  White Beach Divers’ Hostel. Finally! I saw this sign at the entrance.

I approached the lady at the bar. She called another staff who’s in charge of the accommodation. I inquired about their room vacancy. And yes, I’m lucky! There’s one room available. And she said it’s Php 500. I wasted no time and took it.


Here’s the fan room with TV (which I didn’t open when I was there. I was out the whole time). And best of all, WIFI’s FREE and accessible even in the room. And guess what, their password was the social networking giant FACEBOOK. With the price, don’t expect for free towel, soap and shampoo. So best to bring your own towel.


However, the toilet was outside of the room. It was shared. When you’re on a budget, there were things that you need to sacrifice. For this trip, it’s the toilet. It was decent enough. I didn’t have pictures though.


If ever you choose to stay here as well, just be careful when going up and down the stairs made of wood. One wrong step or you fall down. There’s no handle to hold on.


Most of the people who stay here are foreign divers. The place is owned by a German and his Filipina wife.


Prior to my trip, I inquired and tried to reserve a room via email ( However, they don’t accept reservations. So  you just have to walk-in and ask.


The beach on this side of Boracay was quieter. There were lesser people. Most of the people who swam in the beach were Europeans. During March-May, moss can be found in the waters. I was surprised when I saw these because it’s the first time that I saw moss in the waters of Boracay. It was not pleasing in the eyes. According to a local whom I chatted with, it’s a seasonal growth. Only during the summer months do these moss grow in the sea.

If you don’t want to swim, you may opt to sunbathe or read a book by the beach.

  • kurapengpeng

    sayang naman at kung kelan summer chaka pa nagsulputan ang dyaskeng moss. hihihi! thanks for sharing. tatandaan ko na ang White Beach Divers. Kailangang kailangan ko to sa August. (parang ang lapit na e no?) ^_^ salamat!

  • Gladys Sydalg

    Cool din mag stay sa station 3 kasi mas tahimik.

  • hi there! me too, i also found a cheap accommodation in “station 3.5” because of possiblypinay. the white beach divers was full that time so ma’am aida (the wife) pointed us to ma’am leonor and we were lucky to score the cheapest room ever! 

    ang daming lumot ngayon noh? 

  • wow! papunta na me this fri. June 1-4 2012 tnx sa blog ni possibly pinay! it really helps me a lot! need magtipid or else out of Budjey ang drama!..tnx soooooo muuuuuccch:)