Church in an island: The Holy Rosary Parish of Boracay

Wherever you are this Lenten Season, never forget the reason of the season. Take time to reflect and repent. If you happen to be in party island Boracay, visit the Holy Rosary Parish Church, which is near Station 1.

It’s not as grandiose as the other churches in Aklan, but it holds its own character. You will be welcomed by the Resurrected Christ’s image in tile mosaic. When you enter the Church, you would notice how simple the altar is. The wall of the Altar is decorated with limestones while the ceiling is made of wood.

Sometimes, we only need to be silent and listen to what HE wants to tell us. If you want to attend the Holy Mass, below is the schedule that I saw on the front door of the church.

Holy Mass Schedule

Monday 6:30 AM
Tuesday 6:30 AM
Wednesday 5:00 PM
Thursday 6:30 AM
Friday 6:30 AM
Saturday 6:30 AM
4:00 PM (Anticipated Mass)
Sunday 8:00 AM (Visayan Mass)
4:00 PM (English Mass)
5:30 PM

You might also want to say a little prayer in front of the Grotto of Our Lady located at the famous Willy’s Rock, which is Boracay’s icon. It’s just a few steps away from the church.

  • Perrylequigan

    i just noticed the MOSAIC ART, so artistic!

  • Maria Estrella Ledesma

    I heard Easter Vigil mass here when it was still a shell…it is beautiful now.  This is the only holy place in the whole island during Holy week. It is a sanctuary for those who wants to escape the chaos and decadence that is Boracay during Holy Week.

  • Melandriaromero

    It’s good thing to know that people remind themselves the true spirit of lent.  These days is indeed a good thing to have a good vacation but i do hope wherever and whenever we are , we will remember the real essence of lent. 

  • faithhopelovecor

    Hi Iza, thanks for this informative post. May you have a blessed holy week.

  • GilCamporazo

     You’re spiritually right. Wherever we are, we’ve to pray for God is everywhere. When we recognize Him and call Him in a prayer of faith, we’ll be blessed and our prayers will be answered.

  • Ivan Stewart Saldajeno

    Haven’t been to Bora, but now I know about a church there.

  • Marri

    you’re right…
    wherever we may be, we can close our eyes and PRAY.
    ask for HIS blessings for us to have good LIFE.

  • mhe-anne

    yes, we should not lose sight of the reason for the season! and may we always find time to reflect and show gratitude to Jesus Christ for His atoning sacrifice that made it possible for us to be resurrected and to be forgiven of our sins if we should repent!

  • marose castillo

    we can have vacation in the provinces but there’s always Church there to still feel and see the reason of the Holy Week. We can still make it holy while we enjoy the vacation.

  • Elal Jane Lasola

    Agree. Even on vacation we can still commemorate the love and sacrifices of our Lord.

    • william

      yes ela thats true……… God should be our 1st priority….
      bythe way  im william from manila…. im here in vietnam city ‘Ho Chi Minh for trvel at the same time i wanna have partime or any job here………. thanx you… hope you guys reply my comments