Amorita: Your darling abode in Bohol

Amorita: Your darling abode in Bohol
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Atop a cliff overlooking the fine white sand of Alona beach in Bohol lies an abode named Amorita. Amorita means a “little darling”. But the resort is never little in giving love to its guests.

I did not feel like a stranger during our stay at Amorita Resort in Bohol. Everyone greeted us with a smile and a warm “hello!”  It felt like home.

There’s a sense of belongingness.

Upon arrival at the reception, the staff welcomed us with cold towels and a refreshing drink.

Glorem, one of the staff of the resort, led me to my room. From the reception, we walked amidst the serene garden of the villas until we reached a set of newly constructed units.

The architecture of the unit was modern contemporary. This was the second phase of Amorita Resort, which just operated last May.


As I opened the door, I was surprised to see a spacious room. The interior of the room has an “industrial feel” making it unique.

After I dropped my bags on the floor, I saw a welcome treat on the table—Crinkles in a jar and basket of fruits. It also came with a personal note.




The weary body rested on the comfy bed. On top of the bed headboard was a magical lamp, which turns on and off with a tap.


The toilet is separated from the shower area. The toilet has a bidet for hygienic purposes. It was almost perfect except for one flaw. There’s no handle to open the door when you’re inside the toilet or the shower. Thanks to my room mate, Aica, who improvised a handle for ease of opening and closing the door. Toiletries such as shampoo, soap and dental kit are provided in the room. Towels, bath robe and slippers were also available.


“Good Morning!” This greeting was true in its literal sense especially when eating at the Saffron Restaurant of Amorita. Mornings were not just good but great while I sipped a hot cup of tsokolate and ate a filling breakfast with a breathtaking view of the pool and the beach of Alona.

The hot chocolate was so rich that I had not just one but two cups. The buffet breakfast is a mix of Filipino, Asian and American cuisines.

There’s a food for everyone from breads, cheese, cereals, yogurt to congee, rice, corned beef and longganisa. Fruits are also present on the table for a healthy meal.

Eggs are freshly prepared to one’s liking. Be it hard-boiled, sunny side-up or omelet, the kitchen staff cooks it for the guests.

During a chat with Amorita Resort’s CEO, Nikki Cauton, he said that they wanted their guests to have a sense of place.

“The concept of the resort is organic modern wherein we used the available materials in Bohol. We don’t want guests to feel that they are in Bali or in some other place but in Bohol,” shared Nikki.

On our last day at the resort, the reception staff handed another sweet treat of crinkles for take home. I arrived as a stranger but left as a friend.

*Special Thanks to Amorita Resort’s Management and Staff for a relaxing stay, to USAID-COMPETE, Bohol Provincial Tourism Office and Department of Tourism for inviting Tripadora to revisit Bohol.