Coron Budget Trip for 3days and 2 nights

Are you looking for a budget trip to Coron for 3days and 2 nights? I bet Google led you to this page.

Coron, situated at the northern part of Palawan, has a lot to offer to the curious traveler. If you have limited time in your vacation and limited budget, then here are the best sights to see in Coron in 3days and 2 nights without tearing your pocket.

For only Php 3,436.44, you will be able to enjoy the following Coron Tourist Attractions including 3days, 2nights stay, roundtrip airport transfers, island hopping with picnic lunch, and daily breakfast:

  • Kayangan Lake- Kayangan Lake is touted as one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines. Its water is brackish, a mixture of salt and freshwater. It’s great to swim in  the serene Kayangan Lake. Before getting to the actual lake itself, you have to climb an improvised or should i say natural staircase up to get a view of the famous limestone karst formations that have become Coron’s most photographed site.
  • Twin Lagoon- this site is another noteworthy attraction in Coron, Palawan. Why? Twin Lagoon is unique where you can experience thermocline or a thin layer that divides the surface of a body of water. The upper layer is cold while the lower layer is warm. And it’s also thrilling to get inside the lagoon through a cave like-entrance which is only accessible when it’s low tide.
  • Banol Beach- It may not have a long stretch of white sand but Banol has a distinct charm being surrounded by limestone karst. The view of different hues of blues from Banol beach is fantastic.
  • CYC Island and Coral Gardens- Swimming and snorkeling is great here. You can also enjoy watching the sunset from this area.

  • Twin Peaks Reef or Siete Pecados- For me, snorkeling at Twin Peaks Reef is better than Siete Pecados. It has more colorful marine life.

Traveling does not need to be expensive. You can enjoy your Coron Vacation without having to cash out all your savings. But of course, you should not expect posh accommodations but a basic lodge in Coron Town.

Enjoy your trip!

Sunz En Coron Resort Review: Family lodging in Coron

In Coron Town, mostly you’ll find lodgings and pension houses. But if you’re looking for a resort-type of accommodation in Coron, then check out Sunz En Coron Resort, a newly built resort 10 minutes out of Coron Town.

This was where we stayed when we returned to Coron this January 2013. Sunz En Coron Resort is a Korean-owned resort and managed by Ms. Angela Kim.

We availed of the resort’s airport services which is Php 150 per way per person. Sunz En Coron Resort is nestled at the hillside of Mt. Tapyas. As soon as we entered the resort, we were enticed to stay at the cabanas while waiting for our room keys.

It took us 10 minutes before we got to our room. Nonetheless, the room was spotlessly clean and has a Zen interiors. We got a Super Family Room, which normally fits four people. But since we were 6, we got two extra beds. The two extra beds were placed near the window. The room was still spacious even with the two extra beds.

Also, you don’t have to worry with your luggage. They don’t have a cabinet yet there’s a bamboo wooden table where you can put your luggage.

On the day of our arrival, the power in Coron went out. Good thing, the resort has a generator set. Though the room has an airconditioning unit, only the ceiling fan worked.

We were too tired to go out to town. Hence, we ordered our lunch at the resort’s restaurant. We tried their bulgogi! It’s a winner! Food was great but of course, it’s a bit pricey.

Even if it was far from town, we didn’t have a hard time going to the wharf for our island hopping because the resort has a free tricycle service. However, on another day, we had to queue because other guests also availed of the free service. On the way back to the resort, we rode the public trike and paid Php 10.00.

At night, the resort turns magical with the changing colors of the pool from purple to red to green.

photo courtesy of sunz en coron official website

 Good points:

  • FREE WIFI- strongest signal at the 2nd cabana
  • FREE Swimming Pool
  • FREE Tricycle service- this makes up for its distance from the town
  • Generator Set

Bad points:

  • Weak Globe Signal / No signal in rooms- If you want to receive messages, stay at the cabanas near the resto.
  • SUN Cellular- no signal at all
  • SMART- this has the only stable signal in the resort

Disclaimer: Nope, this is NOT a paid post :)

Snorkeling in Coron: Siete Pecados vs. Twin Peaks Reef

When I first set my eyes on Coron back in 2010, I knew it was love at first sight. Since then, I vowed to return as a diver to enjoy Coron’s abundant marine life and mysterious wrecks.

This January 2013, I went back to Coron. And no, I’m not a diver yet. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed snorkeling in Coron.


During my first visit, my parents and I witnessed the marine life in Siete Pecados. Siete Pecados is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Coron.

It was named as such because it is composed of seven islets scattered on turquoise waters. When you snorkel at Siete Pecados, you would see colorful marine life. However, most of the corals here were dead.

Many years ago, Siete Pecados has been a victim of cyanide and dynamite fishing but now it has been a protected area. As the rehabilitation of corals began, the school of fish returned to the area.

Entrance fee at Siete Pecados is Php 100/head.


This time around, we snorkeled not in Siete Pecados but at Twin Peaks Reef as part of our Coron Island Tour. The skies were getting darker making the visibility low as well.

Most of my companions were tired. Hence, they stayed on the boat. My thirst for seeking new adventures urged me to still jump into the water. I was the only one who went snorkeling.

As soon as I went farther away from our boat and nearer to the limestone karst formations, that’s when I saw the flourishing marine life at Twin Peaks Reef.

The corals were much more colorful at Twin Peaks Reef rather than in Siete Pecados. Sea urchins abound as well so extra caution must be taken so as not to get pricked.

Seeing an anemone and its resident clown fish made my day! Oh yes, hello there Nemo and friends!  Time was passing by and it was time to bid farewell.


Between Siete Pecados and Twin Peaks Reef, Twin Peaks Reef has a better and colorful marine life. But I give a thumbs up to the efforts of the locals to rehabilitate the corals in Siete Pecados. Mabuhay sustainable and eco-friendly tourism!

This won’t be the last time, Coron. I’ll keep on coming back to you! :)

Filipino ‘docu’ to showcase PH beyond the destinations on NatGeo

Photo courtesy of Islands Insider

Filipino-produced documentary show, “Islands Insider”, is set to show
the Philippines in a different perspective as it debuts on
international channel, National Geographic, on June 24.

Islands Insider producer The Extra Mile Productions highlights six
world-class destinations namely Batad, Taal town, Coron, Siquijor,
Mt.Pulag/ Kabayan, and Anilao.

In a special screening for the media and tourism stakeholders, the
Extra Mile Productions together with the Department of Tourism
presented two episodes: Batad and Coron.

Here’s a trailer of Coron:

Executive producer and writer Gabby Malvar differentiated the show
from other travel shows.

“What makes Islands Insider different was that the stories were told
by the locals. It’s not an itinerary show but it’s about the people
and their stories,” said Malvar.

DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez graced the screening and expressed his
delight as a partner of the project.

“This project came as a surprise because I was not yet secretary when this was
conceptualized. This brings the beautiful sights of the country to the
world,” said
Jimenez, adding, “We should share it to the world but as Filipinos we
should see it first and protect it.”

Each 30-minute episode featured stories and issues beyond the
picturesque sights.

Islands Insider producer and host Ginggay Hontiveros shared that the
show aims to emphasize issues that threaten the existence of the

“Tourism destinations are not static. They evolve and deteriorate over
time so they need to be preserved for the benefit and appreciation of
future generations,”said Hontiveros.

Here’s a 30-second teaser of the show:

Chasing the sunset at Coron’s Mt. Tapyas

Photo by Izah Morales

“Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough.”

The muscles were already relaxed after dipping in the hot waters of Maquinit Hotspring but the day wasn’t over yet. It was our last full day in Coron and we haven’t seen Mt. Tapyas. Time was ticking fast. It was already 5pm and in just a few minutes, the sun would find its way in its resting place.

Fortunately, we got a tricycle that would take us to the foot of the mountain. The trike passed by Mt. Tapyas Road. One can walk but we chose to ride a trike to conserve our energy. I already warned Mama and Papa that it would take 724 steps before we get to the top of the mountain where a huge white cross stands. They agreed.

Photo by Izah Morales

As much as I wanted to climb with them, I have to rush to catch the sunset. Papa was having a hard time so they took each step slowly. I ran and stopped to take a picture of the 100th step.

As I ascended, I noticed a construction site near the shores. Commercialization is starting in Coron. There are good and bad effects. I just hope that they take the environment into consideration.

The light was fading but I continued while catching my breath. And after 20 minutes, I stepped on the summit of Mt. Tapyas. Ahhh…the view of the islands with the sun hiding in its cradle was breathtaking.

I was a bit late but nonetheless, it was worth the sweat.

Darkness has started to cover the sky. Papa and Mama finally reached the top. They said that they stopped for awhile to drink some water. Thanks to Benjie and Erwin, young locals of Coron, who sold the bottled drinks. We then called it a day as the stars appeared in the sky.

Travel Notes:

  • Tricycle fare: Php 10.00/ person
  • You can walk from Coron Town to the foot of Mount Tapyas. Just look for the sign, Mount Tapyas Road, and walk straight.
  • You can choose to climb early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Ideally, we should have climbed the mountain first before going to Maquinit Hotspring but we did the opposite since the hotspring was part of the DIY Coron tour.