Wanderlust in Samal Island (PART 2)

As promised, here’s the second part of my adventure as a wanderlust in Samal Island. You can read PART 1 here

Tripadora became an Island Explorer! This was my first do-it-yourself island hopping tour. I didn’t avail of any tour packages offered. Instead, I tried to arrange the trip for me, my brothers and my lola.

Since Bluwaters Resort has its own boat, we availed the services of the boat. Half-day island hopping costs me Php 3,500 (all four of us). I know it’s a bit pricey and a pain in the pocket but I valued the beauty that my camera can capture more than my torn pocket.

We left the resort at around 8:30 am and started sailing amid the greens and the blues of nature.

Our goal for the day was to see not only the grandeur of the islands but also the underwater treasures of the Coral Garden at Talikud Island, the neighbor of Samal Island.

Talikud Island is a haven of turquoise waters and unspoiled beauty. Locals called it Talikud (Talikud means “at the back”) because it’s literally situated at the back of Samal Island.

Before going to the Coral Garden, we passed by Babusanta Beach, where other island hoppers stop by for lunch.

Photo-Op first with Wish, my Canon D10 before plunging to the waters.  I snorkeled with my brother IG.

Check out the magnificent treasures underwater. Too bad, we didn’t find Nemo. We forgot to bring bread crumbs to attract the school of fish.

Snorkeling was indeed tiring. So don’t forget to bring water and bananas to boost your energy.

Another wonder at Talikud Island is the rustic beauty of Isla Reta.  Isla Reta is divided into two parts. At Isla Reta 2, you can find a small cave and can catch a glimpse of wild birds.

Here’s a photo of a wild bird (sorry, I don’t know what specie this is.) caught by Rash, my Canon 450d. Due to the limited capacity of my lens, this was the best that I can get.

Meanwhile Isla Reta 1 has cottages and boasts a stretch of fine white sand. We didn’t spend much time here  so I’d definitely return for a beach camping!

Of course, we didn’t forget to pass by the world famous Pearl Farm Resort. And since I didn’t have the budget yet to experience Pearl Farm, I just captured it in photos.  Here’s a photo of the Samal Houses.

I must admit, I’m a photoholic. So here’s a stream of photos of the eye-candy sights that I captured.

Samal and Talikud Islands definitely struck me. I shall return just like McArthur!